Fallow [adjective]

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In no farm, however, is the fallow laid aside; it is considered as indispensable for wheat, and on poor lands for rye.

This appears clear from Aristotle placing the bubalus with the stags and fallow deer, and not with the oxen.

There are many herds of them in the royal menagerie; and they produce together as freely as the fallow-deer.

It would be a difficult point to determine the original species of the fallow-deer.

The smallest roe-bucks are generally of a fallow colour, and the largest brown.

All your skill was used up ages ago in Palestine, and you must lie fallow for a thousand years to git strength for more deeds!'

Are fallow periods necessary to its fertility and apparently dormant times essential to its life and growth?

I have not yet made up my mind what my next story is to be, but I must not lie fallow any longer when the new year is come.

Well, you will not lose much time, and you will find yourself all the clearer for lying fallow a little.

The fallow fields are being prepared for the spring crops and the sowing of the grain is beginning.