Dormant [adjective]

Definition of Dormant:

inactive; sleeping

Synonyms of Dormant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dormant:

Sentence/Example of Dormant:

Hike the trail along the southwest rim of a dormant volcano at Death Valley’s Ubehebe Crater, and meander along Artist’s Drive, a nine-mile road that passes through hillsides colorfully tinted with volcanic sediment.

Demo stations for “Death Stranding” and “Super Mario Maker 2” were dusty and dormant.

However, many of those paltry 51 genes contained in the tiger rattlesnake’s genome seemed to be dormant.

Others use them as refuges when the creatures need to go dormant during the hot dry summer.

The Balbiani body is believed to protect mitochondria during the oocyte’s dormant phase by clustering a majority of the mitochondria together with long amyloid protein fibers.

It was Week 17, and he had already revived a dormant Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise and directed it into the playoffs.

It is the season when hardy garden plants are not dead but dormant.

Use a password managerBy now, you probably have hundreds of online accounts, many of which are totally dormant.

Most major construction stopped in September, leaving a string of dormant construction sites across the Washington suburbs.

This time around, we’re on the cusp of winter and the dormant season in the garden.