Inoperative [adjective]

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Generally, the country raised more corn than it consumed—a sufficient cause for rendering protection inoperative.

Such a strange construction would render constitutional provisions of the highest importance completely inoperative and void.

There are plenty of laws now aiming at regulation of the trusts, but they are quite futile and inoperative.

The section would be inoperative without the action of Congress.

Among adult animals, however, selfishness seems to become inoperative in the care they take of their offspring.

These remodelled tradition, the Apologists made it to some extent inoperative without attacking it.

That to me would be a most repulsive idea if it were not that by its very vagueness it becomes inoperative.

Taking it, however, at Mr Thomson's calculation, what a fearful amount of unoccupied and inoperative capital is here!

Thus the upper pipes, if there be several in the range, will be quite inoperative, wasting their warmth upon the sooty air.

The sense does not tire as a whole, but it merely becomes inoperative with respect to the odor continually present.