Defective [adjective]

Definition of Defective:

broken, not working

Synonyms of Defective:

Opposite/Antonyms of Defective:

Sentence/Example of Defective:

The nominal point of the modules is to make it easier to replace defective cells, but Musk early this year declared that Tesla no longer needs modules, and eliminating the intermediate step should reduce both costs and vehicle weight.

The company has largely avoided responsibility for dangerous or defective products sold on its giant third-party marketplace by claiming that, technically, it isn’t the seller.

Reverse transcriptase is error prone, often resulting in defective or incomplete copies of the virus.

In fact, more activists said that the campaign messaging and strategy were defective, or that Clinton herself was to blame.

The case involved a lawsuit brought against Amazon by plaintiff Angela Bolger, who claimed a replacement laptop battery she bought from a third-party seller on the site was defective.

All things are double, one against another, and he hath made nothing defective.

If this is not done, some person who afterward wished to purchase the land might object because the recorded title was defective.

Such a license though defective is valid until revoked by the proper authority.

If he is injured while running a car from a defective brake of which he had knowledge, he cannot recover.

Thus if a meeting of proprietors must be called by twelve of them, a call signed by eleven is defective.