Impaired [adjective]

Definition of Impaired:

injured, faulty

Synonyms of Impaired:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impaired:

Sentence/Example of Impaired:

Some sites require a short hike to the ruins, but most are fully accessible to those with impaired mobility.

If you’re visually impaired, you’ll need assistance if you go to get groceries.

Now, increasing evidence suggests that a significant minority of Covid-19 patients get very ill because of an impaired interferon response.

This is why you need legible text for the visually impaired.

As Gunnar and others have shown, impaired stress responses can return to normal during puberty, raising the possibility that imbalances created by early trauma can be erased.

If a colony is producing impaired workers, it can’t function well.

A friendship had arisen between them, which the years had idealized rather than impaired.

Of course if both parties agree to them, the validity of the deed is not impaired.

Madame Roland devoted herself so entirely to the studies in which her husband was engaged that her health was seriously impaired.

Mrs. Veal had been, subject to fits, and she asks if Mrs. Bargrave does not think she is "mightily impaired by her fits?"