Harmed [adjective]

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Other restraints in the standing or seated positions could be used only when there is an immediate risk of serious physical harm.

Moser made the case that because the Ensenada-based business he spoofed was technically defunct, he didn’t intend to cause harm.

Last year we made a change around policy to ban all political advertising on Twitter, which was in anticipation of its potential to do harm.

With this tool, researchers can study healthy, working brains without causing harm.

Incorrect use, on the other hand, could directly damage the doorbell’s battery, leading to the aforementioned issue, which, in turn, can cause bodily harm or property damage.

After all, arguments around regulation usually pit proponents of unencumbered innovation against those concerned about social harms resulting from unchecked competition.

The concern here is not only consumers being ripped off but the real risk of harm if people buy a product that does not offer the protection claimed against exposure to the virus or even get sold a bogus coronavirus “cure” when none in fact exists.

I focused my testimony on the many unnamed harms caused by the inability of social media companies to prevent misinformation from saturating their services.

Any substance that alters your perception and behavior puts you in increased danger of causing harm to yourself or others, even if only by accident.

No reason exists to believe that this lack of harm will change during the six days Uber’s campaign continues.