Wounded [adjective]

Definition of Wounded:


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Sentence/Example of Wounded:

Ash-Can Sam was wounded—not so much in body as in pugilistic pride.

I am haunted by the thought that my car may break down when I have a load of wounded.

One of our chaps, taking in a load of wounded, was chased and pelted the other day.

The minute they know you're without your whip they go for you like tigers at a wounded trainer.

She might be wounded, but she was made of the material of which he had hoped.

Fretted by the pain, he plunged into the wilderness to hide like a wounded deer.

If he has been wounded, there's plenty of better men killed to-day.

If he were wounded here, he would at once try to reach our house.

We killed of the enemy thirty-seven, and wounded a great number.

Chip really felt that way about it, after the first dash of wounded pride.