Marred [verb]

Definition of Marred:

hurt, damage

Synonyms of Marred:

Opposite/Antonyms of Marred:

Sentence/Example of Marred:

With that cry he escaped from the marred conditions of the clay.

The friar's spirits were not to be marred by such a little incident.

It was not marred by such evidences of the old fact as still remained.

The honesty of the conviction is not marred by the fact that it is entirely mistaken.

After all, he remembered, it was the people who made or marred a place.

And the picture of benevolence he made was only marred by the staring of his dreadful eyes.

This was Helen's evening—won at what cost, and not to be marred by the sorrows of others.

And what had come after had marred her happiness and disturbed her love.

The only thing that marred his enjoyment was the reflection that he had not shaved.

If England had made of Ireland a desert and called it peace, she had not marred its beauty.