Mend [verb]

Definition of Mend:

correct, improve, fix

Synonyms of Mend:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mend:

Sentence/Example of Mend:

Thus came everything in to help the youth who had begun to mend his ways.

"The more reason that I should strive to mend him," quoth Alleyne.

Siegfried is his name, and only he who knows no fear can mend the sword.

I will mend the sword and Siegfried shall use it to slay the dragon.

"Yes, that was it," Roland put in hastily, seeing his chance to mend matters.

The beautiful vase of life was broken, and no art could mend it!

As well try to mend a spider's web when you have put your boot through it.

It was too late to mend the matter, or put any face upon it but the best.

Perhaps you would like to hear about it, while you mend that tear in your muslin.

It costs money to mend, and they say things don't stay mended.