Recuperate [verb]

Definition of Recuperate:

improve in health

Synonyms of Recuperate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recuperate:

Sentence/Example of Recuperate:

We had paused to recuperate our animals, and there was a rumor that we were to get new clothing.

And the mother, on seeing her child thus develop, begins to recuperate.

You had best take a day to recuperate, then follow me to Almeida.

Here he had come to a pause for a few days to recuperate his horses and his men.

He was endeavoring to recuperate in that most sensible way, hunting and fishing.

We can live on half rations, recuperate, and build; but we must have time.

Here was shelter, protection, a chance to recuperate and reform.

Until then, my boy, you must remain on board my ship in order to recuperate a little.

The operation was over; she had only to keep quiet and recuperate.

From that moment he weakened in health and had to go away frequently to recuperate.