Recover [verb]

Definition of Recover:

find again

Synonyms of Recover:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recover:

Sentence/Example of Recover:

It has been our good luck to recover a portion of that history.

At first, when he began to recover, he tried to talk to her about it.

We who were near to Helen have been slow to recover from the shock and the bitterness of her death.

In the meantime, the man who had for so far lain insensible, began to recover slowly.

She could not recover her ease of mind until she had the certainty that she was still beloved.

A crusade is a war to recover the Holy Land from the paynim.

It was to recover the lost cable of these expeditions that the Elba was got ready for sea.

They could recover their poise; he with the health of a simple mind, and they as children will.

Then, of the two the first to recover countenance, he doffed his cap and bowed.

I was fourteenth on the list for this, so that I had ample time to recover.