Reclaim [verb]

Definition of Reclaim:

bring into usable condition

Synonyms of Reclaim:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reclaim:

Sentence/Example of Reclaim:

Now, there is nothing a woman likes so much as to reclaim a man.

Yet it must be said too, that if there be a woman in the world that can reclaim him, it is you.

This man did his best to reclaim young Badman, and was particularly kind to him.

His friends at Government House, bewildered at this change in him, sought to reclaim him.

I cannot tell how she feels toward him; I know she has often tried to reclaim him from his deviltry.

Every effort was made to check and reclaim him, but he defied them all.

And this is why I have come to warn, to reclaim you, if possible.

The players thus losing their cards may reclaim them at the end of the deal.

The object of the Egyptian laws was to preserve life, and to reclaim an offender.

We try to reclaim the worst criminals, and sometimes we succeed.