Salvage [verb]

Definition of Salvage:

save, rescue

Synonyms of Salvage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Salvage:

Sentence/Example of Salvage:

Madden shook his head, "No, I believe we ought to get salvage on the whole dock."

A pretty piece of salvage, he reflected, if he could land her on Mars.

I fetched the water bucket and started to salvage what I could of the cargo.

Always glad to pick up a derelict, may be a chance for salvage, you know.

Will the salvage warrant helping us into port; that is, New Orleans?

It was a piece of salvage from a two-engine commercial airplane.

Nor do you salvage it after the crew stops screaming for help.

It is only reasonable, then, if I save the craft, that I should claim the salvage.

"Those droghers will go anywhere on a chance of salvage," George explained.

"You and Jarvis are off to salvage the auxiliary," the Captain said.