Ransom [noun]

Definition of Ransom:

blackmail money paid for return of possession or person

Synonyms of Ransom:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ransom:


Sentence/Example of Ransom:

“I am afraid he is past ransom,” said the youth, shaking his head.

Ransom at long range will be about the size of it—cash or crash.

So a king's ransom is what Benlli paid for his wife's diamond ring.

Gutierrez will be your willing servant, until we see about this ransom.

Nareda will pay it—and Nareda will collect the ransom from the American capitalists.

On the road the monsters insisted on a ransom for the blood of her father.

If the Kaid finds him in bread, it will only be so much more added to his ransom.

Yes, it must be so; it must be that his life was to be the ransom.

You have fixed their ransom at twenty thousand pieces of eight.

"What is still more amazing is that he does not hold us to ransom," said she at last.