Deliverance [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Deliverance:

Alice Arden, you little dream of the man and the route by which, possibly, deliverance is speeding to you.

His first hard struggle for deliverance was coincident with his last hour of earthly peace.

He saw Lettice and his cousin helping towards this exquisite deliverance somehow.

I am bound to it for my life; it will take longer than a life to effect deliverance.

So Planner spake, scarcely crediting his good fortune, and almost mad with joy at his deliverance.

Under the figure of the deliverance from the Babylonish captivity, the church is invited to rejoice for her redemption from sin.

A vision of the resurrection of dry bones, foreshewing the deliverance of the people from their captivity.

A subterranean cell of peculiar sanctity is said to have been the scene of her degradation and deliverance.

He bids Nerto go to seek deliverance from the bond, and to make known to the Pope the means of escape.

Here he saw the Princess and his faithful Goat, who, he perceived, had invented a plan for his deliverance.