Emancipation [noun]

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The Civil War, Oakes shows, radicalized Lincoln, compelling him to press more aggressively an agenda of state-level emancipation, through both threats and incentives aimed at enslavers.

He intended that pressure from the federal government would move the Southern states to enact their own gradual emancipation policies, as individual Northern states had done after the American Revolution.

I rejoice in being able to say that the general tendency of the speeches was towards universal Emancipation, mental and physical.

The excitement attending the reform act, indeed, had not been neglected by the friends of emancipation.

Cruce and Leclerc, all ready to march under the guidance of your highness, to the emancipation of religion and the throne.

Mr. Labouchere maintained that the result of the great experiment of emancipation would depend on the fate of this bill.

Her religious notions and home-grown prejudices were antagonistic to the complete emancipation of her intelligence.

Under his presidency the emancipation of every slave on the national soil took place.

It was by his costume more than by anything else that Michael expressed at first his sense of emancipation.

The price of this emancipation was, in the first place, the loss of all the twenty-four Directors.