Independence [noun]

Definition of Independence:

liberty, freedom

Synonyms of Independence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Independence:

Sentence/Example of Independence:

Bonaparte took possession of Venice, boasting an independence of fourteen centuries.

Lastly, there was Aguinaldoʼs old rebel party, which rallied to the one cry “Independence.”

Divine Providence is about to place independence within our reach, in a manner most acceptable to a free and independent people.

Still, he said, if France desired to entrust her independence and glory to one man she could choose none better than Bonaparte.

Deeply as they disapproved of his politics, they respected his independence and were inordinately proud of him.

The diplomatic section shall negotiate with the foreign cabinets the recognition of belligerency and Philippine independence.

Lieutenant Colonel Buell, in command at Independence, although repeatedly warned, allowed himself to be surprised.

The capture of Independence greatly elated the guerrillas, and recruits came pouring in by the hundreds.

They were all on their way to join Thompson, who was now in command of the forces which had captured Independence.

Happily, if only incidentally, such self-defence involved the championship of the independence of Scotland.