License [noun]

Definition of License:

authority, permission

Synonyms of License:

Opposite/Antonyms of License:

Sentence/Example of License:

The ministry of defense needs to enforce the law from companies with licenses, but also they need to do oversight on companies working without a license.

Hunting licenses and firing range membership figures also point to the shooting sports market’s growth potential, he said.

Soon after, the state began issuing sports-betting licenses to casinos.

So they coach people on whether they need to send their driver’s license, wage documentation or something else, and push back against denied claims.

As City Councilman Chris Ward noted Wednesday, San Diego also has license plate readers and gunshot-detection software at its disposal.

Sometimes, they say, Border Patrol will let them through, checking their state license without problem.

So even if you were already X-waivered like myself, you would have to pay $500 a year to get an additional X-waiver license in order to prescribe in Pennsylvania.

You know, I had a medical license and now I’ve got this drug issue, and I felt like I was going to lose everything.

The special license had arrived; the young clergyman who was to perform the service was located at Hartledon.

There are at present more than sixteen thousand Chinese in this city of Manila, who have received license to stay in the country.