Limitation [noun]

Definition of Limitation:

restraint, disadvantage

Synonyms of Limitation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Limitation:

Sentence/Example of Limitation:

The city attorney’s office also supported Gloria’s executive order but has declined to talk about cases that fall within the one-year statute of limitations for filing.

Ricky Rapa Thomson, co-founder, SafeBodaThe companies behind the motorcycle taxi apps believe they can overcome those limitations.

Asked about the possibility of drive-through clinics or clinics at larger venues, Nesbitt pointed to limitations in vaccine supply.

Until streaming becomes more reliable, sports leagues will be hesitant to fully trust the technology—especially because broadcast TV, for all its limitations, generally doesn’t crap out in the middle of big moments.

Below are the assumptions we made in our analysis and the limitations of our conclusions.

The percentage of people who click on an ad “is not a proxy for a jar of sauce sold in-store,” she added, noting the limitations of the traditional online ad metric.

Yellen and other top regulators will convene amid GameStock stock crazeNow, the system’s limitations will make it harder for Wall Street’s Washington minders to make quick sense of the turmoil still rocking the markets.

Yet despite its many limitations, there’s something lovable about it.

Either way, knowing the limitations of your space, your personal expertise, and how much customization or personalization you require will help narrow down your options.

Each approach has its uses and limitations, and each operates better at different scales with different kinds of data.