Reservation [noun]

Definition of Reservation:

condition, stipulation

Synonyms of Reservation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reservation:

Sentence/Example of Reservation:

He arose, and told his tale without duplicity or reservation.

The story that suicide is wrong and immoral is, like other things, to be taken with reservation.

And he's eat everything that's chewable on the reservation already.

This was another statement Harley had accepted with a good deal of reservation.

There was not a single prisoner brought back to the reservation.

And so late in 1872 Cochise and his people came back to the reservation.

There had been no reservation in her declaration of affection.

“We are still on the Delaware Indian reservation,” replied his uncle.

Of course it is meant without any reservation, and so I take it.

He has the whole of the breeds on the reservation under his thumb.