Scruple [noun]

Definition of Scruple:

misgiving, doubt

Synonyms of Scruple:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scruple:

Sentence/Example of Scruple:

Dick had no scruple in clasping that extended hand very warmly in his own.

You need have no scruple to take charge of it; it relates not to myself.

I should make no scruple of frightening him within an inch of his life, for his good.

As this was an order, the mate did not scruple about obeying it.

"It is a scruple which up till now has been too strong for me," Wrayson remarked quietly.

But it does not scruple to mark its disapproval by passively hindering him at every turn.

And were I in your place, Anthony, faith I'd not scruple to do it.

Does it mean that when you are a representative you will not scruple to skewer M. le Marquis?

He had given her indeed, she made no scruple of showing, plenty to consider.

For this reason we have had no scruple in dismissing it with a short sketch.