Unconcern [noun]

Definition of Unconcern:


Synonyms of Unconcern:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unconcern:

Sentence/Example of Unconcern:

His movements were the movements of unconcern, but there was no unconcern within him.

It took her five minutes to play out her innocence and unconcern.

Joe humped his back with a movement expressive of unconcern.

His unconcern was leaving him under the deliberate purpose of this man.

The birds were plucking at their feathers with an unconcern all too apparent.

Both horses were grazing together with an unconcern that was truly equine.

Anne told him her tale succinctly, and his unconcern crumbled.

When I tried to preserve the semblance of unconcern he became positively cruel.

So he walked quietly, and lit a cigarette so as to assume an air of unconcern.

They all agreed to this, and sauntered on with a simulated air of unconcern.