Calmness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Calmness:

There also were store windows smashed in Georgetown on Wednesday night, casting some doubt on the city’s recommendations for business owners to maintain a sense of calm in advance of the election.

The atmosphere around our region just won’t fully calm down.

Usually earnings tend to calm the market during periods of stress.

One officer repeatedly asked the man to calm down as a few demonstrators tried to restrain him.

The all-stock deal unveiled on Tuesday should calm those fears.

It’s fine for advertisers to buy media from BET or The Source, but what if they stop buying ads on larger outlets like Fox or the Daily Mail, both of which have been roundly criticized for editorial that fuels racial tensions rather than calm them.

Either way, conditions would be calmer at night, so Madsen, who normally slept little because of the constant pain in her back, had been training to sleep during the day.

Traffic is slowed and calmed, there’s more space for social distancing, and more activity at night means a decrease in crime.

High pressure fosters calm skies perfect for hiking, while low pressure signals unsettled conditions and precipitation.

Its four-stage cleaning process starts off gentle, increases pressure for a pre-wash, ramps up to full blast during the main wash, and then calms back down during the final rinse.