Violence [noun]

Definition of Violence:

extreme force, intensity

Opposite/Antonyms of Violence:

Sentence/Example of Violence:

In view of the violence you made use of, I consider that you owe my son an apology.

And to the violence which prevailed was added the most unblushing bribery.

I don't know what to write, about your answering that man of violence.

Communism maintains that social wrongs can be corrected only by violence.

Dick suddenly aroused, and spoke with the violence of one sure.

He brought his huge fist down on the desk with violence, and his voice was forbidding.

To do violence to any one is a strange way of setting about inspiring love.

The violence of her feelings, which must wear her out, may be easily kept in irritation.

They offered him no violence, and he performed his errand safely.

All the treaties he makes are forced from him by violence or cunning.