Savagery [noun]

Definition of Savagery:


Opposite/Antonyms of Savagery:

Sentence/Example of Savagery:

There was no stain of savagery upon the delight we had in coming to this spot.

Naturally, there were reports of brutality and savagery, but none were proved.

Any other savagery on your part I can stand, and will stand, as a lover should.

Then you are come to ask pardon for all your crossness, your savagery of this morning?

And yet this people display some of the grossest elements of savagery.

If it were not for competition we should be living in the woods in a state of savagery.

The use of charm stones in civilisation and savagery is assuredly parallel.

Her gentle mother fought her decision with all the savagery of the gentle.

He awed them, and frightened them with the savagery of his voice and manner.

Such tales of cruelty and savagery were told of them as to be almost incredible.