Insensitiveness [noun]

Definition of Insensitiveness:


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Sentence/Example of Insensitiveness:

This insensitiveness is easily communicated to the curious visitor.

This insensitiveness to January blasts and February drenchings may be one of the compensations that the blind enjoy.

In connection with Salvator's want of sense for colour one should take his insensitiveness to other beauty.

Repeated stimulation induces fatigue, and temporary insensitiveness of the organ.

“Mademoiselle Sophie” gained none of her courage from insensitiveness.

It was his negative insensitiveness to her that she could not bear, something clayey and ugly.

And if Upjelly's mouth revealed anything, it was secretiveness, while there was a curious Chinese insensitiveness about it.

Thus, cruelty may result from essential virility of soul in combination with insensitiveness, and so forth.

Pictorially, the general aspect of New York is such that the mind speedily takes refuge in insensitiveness.

The fourth of Samuel Butler's characteristics was insensitiveness to what is generally called refinement or finer feeling.