Shamefulness [noun]

Definition of Shamefulness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Shamefulness:

Sentence/Example of Shamefulness:

Rather a life of poverty than one of shamefulness and dishonour.

The chaster she is, all the more will she revolt at the shamefulness of the verification!

Thyrsis could have no idea of the shamefulness of her position, the humiliations she had to face.

The vulgarity and shamefulness of it were the last touch of their contempt, and the last stroke of His humiliation.

The heart rises with indignation and disgust at the thought of the shamefulness of these miserable senators.

Not alone the shamefulness of my position, but the injustice I inflicted upon my son, weighs upon my spirits.

When the whole story was extracted, in all its shamefulness, from Lamb's own lips, the master expressed his disgust.

Infamous mythologies were enacted, in which women must play their part in torments of shamefulness more intolerable than death.

The most ancient writings have allusions to the shamefulness of a corpse lying uninterred.

They make counter attacks on polytheism as a folly and on the shamefulness of obscene myths.