Pompousness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pompousness:

None of the deacon's pompousness was abated as he entered the house and the room.

A great landowner was remarkable for the pompousness of his manner.

He had a pompousness or formal plenitude in his conversation, which I did not dislike.

Three things that characterise every haughty person: pompousness, elegance, (display of) wealth.

It has no Pindaric involution, no Æschylean pompousness, no studied Sophoclean subtlety, no Euripidean concetti.

He had cast off his pompousness and vanity, and was known to favor war to the bitter end.

Mr. Warren looked more sympathetic than ever, and that was just as trying to bear as the pompousness of Doctor Newington.

In his straight-forward, confiding manner there was no suggestion of his old sharpness and pompousness.

There was no room for pedantry, for the ostentatious display of learning, for pompousness, for affectation.

The externality, the pompousness of intention, the theatrical postures, was part of the romantic constitution.