Vainglory [noun]

Definition of Vainglory:


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Sentence/Example of Vainglory:

I can say with a clear conscience, without any vainglory, that I had no fears for myself.

In performing their funerals, they show no state or vainglory.

What you tell me will confound the vainglory of our modern sceptics.

This was the moment of triumph and vainglory to the coachman.

"But I'm the worst snag that ever either of you struck," he went on in his vainglory.

Each of them constitutes for him who enjoys it an obligation and not a reason for vainglory.

"Vainglory is a sleeveless errand," murmured the spirit of the flagellant.

But vainglory was no more a part of his nature, than was fear.

Faction and vainglory are best defeated by humility and unselfishness.

The temptations of vainglory are mightier than those of adversity.