Boastfulness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Boastfulness:

“But I am not ordinary in anything, my dear sir,” laughed Aristide, in his large boastfulness.

There was nothing of fear, nothing of boastfulness, even, in attitude or glance.

What has been treated by incompetent critics as mere boastfulness has in reality been practical sagacity and foresight.

The whole mood of the music was triumph, overweening boastfulness, and irresistible arrogance.

There is an implication in this slight exhibition of boastfulness; but it is not subtle.

It was rewarded with renewed and redoubled boastfulness, audacity and impiety!

She is simply displaying her rebellion and idolatrous boastfulness.

When the two brought forward their suit, the old man's boastfulness broke out stronger than ever.

Our boastfulness of our progenitors is necessarily in most cases very vague, because we know so little about them.

He criticized their vanity, their spirit of boastfulness, their duplicity and their unscrupulousness.