Smugness [noun]

Definition of Smugness:

exaggerated self-opinion

Opposite/Antonyms of Smugness:

Sentence/Example of Smugness:

There were both earnestness and tenderness in his tones—the smugness of the physician was gone.

"Our regular price," and you catch a sneer beneath the smugness of the Voice.

Nor did du Fresne's smugness help Lindsay's assurance a bit.

They are inimical to smugness and to complacent satisfaction.

But, is there not just a faint suggestion of smugness in her mien?

It was not a smile of smugness or conceit, but rather of honest satisfaction.

Morris's work made men think, broke down the smugness of precedent, and enabled printing to become an art.

A big sleeping-car autocrat, in the smugness and false security of a fat run, is going to err.

Of the smugness of the kind Mrs. Treharne meant when she employed the word, there was not an atom in Louise's composition.

Smugness was easy in a world without dust or carrion smell or craters that had been factories.