Hubris [noun]

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He sees that apathy and hubris activated Flint’s public health crisis in 2014 and fuel it to this day.

It takes a lot of hubris to risk your solvency on the assumption rates stay unusually low forever.

In an agency long known for its competence, hubris became the nemesis that could not be overcome.

I maintained that hubris until October of 2017, when my daughter was born.

Heading off hubris was one of the commission’s main concerns, Lifton said.

Or was even as noble a mind as his not proof against the overweening hubris to which a despotic genius has so often succumbed?

Every year He waxes too strong and commits "Hubris," and such sin has its proper punishment.

Each Year arrives, waxes great, commits the sin of Hubris, and then is slain.

Her hubris was in part, at all events, the result of ignorance.