Pomposity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pomposity:

What we ought to be afraid of is not seriousness and earnestness, but of solemnity and pomposity.

"I should have expressed my displeasure if I had felt it," said his father with all the pomposity that was natural to him.

But Mrs. Sullivan's pomposity was not to be discomposed by any sudden attack.

If he spoke with pomposity she answered with disdain, and if he was dictatorial she was arrogant.

You must admit that your past thoughts as to your own pomposity will shrink just a bit!

They attacked his pretension with flouting and battered his pomposity with ridicule.

With some pomposity of manner the English detective produced a fat note-book.

He becomes intoxicated by the protuberance of his own pomposity.

It's well written—you can take the pomposity out of it, here and there and it's novel.

It is a fact of general observation that there is no pomposity like the pomposity of littleness.