Arrogance [noun]

Definition of Arrogance:

exaggerated self-opinion

Opposite/Antonyms of Arrogance:

Sentence/Example of Arrogance:

His whilom arrogance was all fallen from him; he wore instead an air of extreme contrition.

The ignorance of these ladies, their pride, their arrogance, excited in Jane's mind deep contempt.

His cronies at the Pandemonium accused him of assuming an air of habitual arrogance.

It is arrogance to think of launching out to serve the whole of India when I am hardly able to serve even my own family.

It came to Lowell in a flash that Bill's arrogance sprang from something deeper than mere conceit or drunkenness.

The comic poets ridiculed pretension, arrogance, quackery, and lies.

Humble and modest in the presence of a master-mind, he stood up proudly and boldly against foolish arrogance and self-sufficiency.

Be independent; a young housekeeper never needed greater moral courage than she does now to resist the arrogance of fashion.

That pride which enables a good man to struggle successfully against the arrogance of the world.'

In her manner was a faint hint of the commanding manner of her aunt, although without any trace of Miss Wentstile's arrogance.