Imperiousness [noun]

Definition of Imperiousness:

exaggerated self-opinion

Opposite/Antonyms of Imperiousness:

Sentence/Example of Imperiousness:

She held herself well, and there was something that suggested quiet imperiousness in her attitude and expression.

Her imperiousness changed as the tremendous portent of her words seemed to make Las Vegas a blank, stone image of a man.

Again the words, with their brief, irresistible imperiousness, thrill my lazy soul.

But celestial imperiousness, love, wrath, and fervour had proved to be somewhat thrown away on netherward Egdon.

Dinah was a girl that wud ha' taken the imperiousness out av the Duchess av Clonmel in those days.

But we can detect no trace of that proud personal ambition and imperiousness often ascribed to him.

Stern principle alone enabled him to keep his native imperiousness within proper bounds.

I can give no idea of the proud imperiousness and the impression of injury with which my husband told his brutal story.

It broke his spirit with his health; and then the steadfast imperiousness of Lucretia's stern will ruled and subjugated him.

"Please sit down again, Mr. Baxter," repeated the voice, with a touch of imperiousness that there was no resisting.