Modesty [noun]

Definition of Modesty:


Opposite/Antonyms of Modesty:

Sentence/Example of Modesty:

All shall be imputed to that modesty which has ever so much distinguished you.

There was a modesty in Bowser's tone that gave me a better opinion of him.

She was quite honest, and she served her father's customers with modesty.

If you will force my modesty to the confession I believe in my heart that it is a sapphire.

She sobbed, and with a sudden feeling of modesty freed her wrists from his grasp.

And now, if you will light one of these cigars, we will talk of you for a while, if your modesty will stand it.

But his modesty would not permit him to take part in such a demonstration.

So far as I could gather, his modesty was affronted by this revelation of his lower legs.

They were excited by the modesty, the circumspection, and the virtue of Imogen.

And there she stopped and shivered, for her modesty caught cold at the very thought.