Demureness [noun]

Definition of Demureness:


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Sentence/Example of Demureness:

Susie Billings, minus her khaki and cartridges, looked the picture of demureness in white muslin and baby-blue ribbons.

"He was my first love," said Marjorie, with wicked demureness.

Dotty thought of Harriet all the afternoon, and walked about the house with a demureness quite unusual.

She hath demureness and dignity, and suits me better than yon whimsical baggage you are all mad over.

Nellie had a sense of fun—not humor—under her demureness, and she was pleased and amused as he meant her to be.

“I think I hear them coming,” said Dorothy, whose demureness had not given as much as a flicker.

And then she let herself be drawn out, with the drollest mixture of arch demureness and gracious caprice.

Of a sudden she would assume a demureness, utterly bewitching in its veiled and perfect mimicry.

Under the little clerk's correctness and demureness there ran and mingled with her blood the warm undercurrent of a dream.

It was so safe with her steady demureness that Hutchinson found himself becoming steady himself.