Humbleness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Humbleness:

The humble 6-foot-3, 305-pound offensive lineman didn’t even alert his dad about the honor.

The humble board game is one of the great enduring forms of social icebreaker and low-stakes party activity thanks to its ability to instantly spur our innate drive to collaborate and compete.

Before trading began Thursday, CEO Brian Chesky said he was “humbled” by the news Airbnb was expected to open at $139 per share.

Driven by Gen Z and millennials in particular, the audience for SoundCloud rappers is loyal and stems from the often humble and melancholy nature of the music, which is rooted in relatability to teens and young adults.

Three years ago, however, the asteroid swung extra close to Earth and gave scientists their best chance to study the humble space rock.

The farmer bowed his head with that bitter humbleness which characterized his reception of the dealings of Providence toward him.

He told with a homely and convincing force, yet with modesty and humbleness, of his experiences and conversion.

It is for this reason that we need teachers after we are sanctified, and to this end we are exhorted to humbleness of mind.

She received me cordially, and I at once laid all the facts before her and—with an entirely sincere humbleness—asked her advice.

Hush thy heart in the humbleness of awe, that its mirror may reflect as serenely the shadow as the light.