Diffidence [noun]

Definition of Diffidence:

hesitancy; lack of confidence

Synonyms of Diffidence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diffidence:

Sentence/Example of Diffidence:

Mr. Addison, whose abilities no man can doubt, was from diffidence totally unable to speak in the house.

Such as this translation is I offer it with diffidence, realising that I have undertaken a difficult task.

There came a little bubble of laughter from Peggy, which seemed to remove all diffidence from Collingwood.

For a time I attributed your reserve to diffidence, and trusted that time and my efforts would dissipate it.

With a slight protest of diffidence, the Doctor unfolded the paper, scanned the page for an instant, and began slowly.

Our observations on this head were so meagre that I can only make with the greatest diffidence a few statements about them.

With regard to all your diffidence of yourself, we laugh at it.

Lowly self-estimation is by no means a constant accompaniment of diffidence.

Ralph's previous diffidence disappeared under the flush of anger aroused by the porter's words.

A shy, reticent man, behind that hard mask was a diffidence unsuspected by his closest friends.