Constraint [noun]

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The resulting annual bill was enormous, though USPS has skipped billions in payments since 2010, according to the USPS Office of Inspector General, citing financial constraints.

Some of the strongest constraints you have on those models are within the solar system, because we understand gravity so well here.

Production constraints and supply hoarding could complicate manufacturing.

Researchers have been warning for months that production constraints and hoarding could limit Covid-19 vaccine supplies.

The payoff was a liberating and original way of viewing your own society, denuded of its specialness and its constraints.

In fact, a lot of recent research into the gender pay gap has found that much of it is simply due to the constraints on working mothers.

As cases rise and states across the country begin to face testing constraints, more local governments and private providers say they are considering going back to prioritizing testing access to symptomatic patients and those most at risk.

The idea of trying to maximize some objective function subject to constraints.

Other types of geometric spaces make it possible to think about other types of constraints.

Yet for any VR experience to take place, there are financial and practical constraints.