Impelling [verb]

Definition of Impelling:

prompt, incite

Synonyms of Impelling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impelling:

Sentence/Example of Impelling:

There were no impassioned affections glowing in her bosom and impelling her to his side.

It impresses with a sense of increased obligation, that furnishes an ardour of mind, powerfully impelling to duty.

A mad desire began to come over him; a strange, impelling scheme took hold of his brain.

Springing on board, we each seized a pole and began impelling the raft from the shore.

Her face then, with its dead whiteness and the eyes of flame, held a tragic, impelling beauty that stung Anson into remonstrance.

Aldo's curved red lips under his very young moustache opened to words as well as to kisses under Nancy's impelling, eager love.

Something within her surged up impelling her to tell him of Barney's savage yet unformulated threat.

Impelling causes, however, do not enter into the essence of a thing, but prepare for it and perfect it.

Both indeed need the same religious discipline, but the one needs it more as an impelling, the other more as a restraining motive.

The impelling force or lateral attraction which account for rotations cannot account for levitations.