Mobilize [verb]

Definition of Mobilize:

ready for action, movement

Synonyms of Mobilize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mobilize:

Sentence/Example of Mobilize:

We will mobilize and bring to action the vision and the will of the people.

Though Holland was the first to mobilize when war was declared.

We're to mobilize to-day and get to the border as soon as we can.

Russia commenced to mobilize her army to help Servia, if help were needed.

Frederick William threatened war, and began to mobilize his troops.

You, sir, will mobilize the militia, as will the governors of the other states.

The forces of nature form and mobilize directly in the blood serum.

Troops had been sent for, but it took time to mobilize and move them.

We must be ready to mobilize our resources alike of brains and of materials.

If labor is in excess, it has simply to mobilize and seek fresh channels.