Propel [verb]

Definition of Propel:

throw; release into air

Synonyms of Propel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Propel:

Sentence/Example of Propel:

Poles are used to this day to propel the crafts on the Euphrates.

This is said of a steam-engine if reversed, to propel the vessel astern.

To propel the cycle the chain-ring is turned in a clockwise direction.

It occurred to him presently that he could steer as well as propel his float with his feet.

Her great weight seemeth to propel her forward, ostrich-fashion.

It is used to propel automobiles and motor boats, to drive machinery, etc.

The extending ends of the spokes are used to propel the wheel.

It was not my intention to propel the boat near the bottom but only when near the surface.

Expert divers, using wings as well as feet, to propel them, under water.

No automobile can come along here and propel you into another world.