Shoot [verb]

Definition of Shoot:

discharge a projectile, often to injure or kill

Synonyms of Shoot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shoot:

Sentence/Example of Shoot:

Then it's better to take him out back of the barn and shoot him, by Gad!

And, if this thing keeps on, I'm going to shoot again—and again.

Perhaps, after all, I might have the brains to jest and toss about words and shoot off epigrams.

Because he killed a horse trying to get you, you're going to give him a chance to shoot you?

"Do not shoot outside the fifteen-score paces," cried Johnston.

Shoot while you may, and then out sword, and let us live or die together!

Eager to shoot him—Silver, the only thing that loved and understood him?

She was fond of hunting, and could shoot at a mark with wonderful skill.

He does not shoot naturally, but he learns by patient practice.

"If you will ride in a hammock, you ought to teach your men to shoot," was Kingozi's greeting.