Execute [verb]

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The police department even confirmed that “it is common practice” for officers to request medical help before executing high-risk warrants.

Then, there is the digital infrastructure required to execute the agency’s key activities properly.

That number is up partly because planning and executing a virtual event takes less time than a physical one.

We’ve heard about some pretty interesting, big ideas around how to execute that.

The company’s chips are among the best at breaking up the manipulation of data into small pieces and then executing that in parallel at high speed.

Samwer claimed its companies could execute faster and better than tech firms elsewhere, giving them a competitive advantage.

Under Vazquez, the company has expanded into 10 more states, started offering auto loans and an Oportun-branded credit card, and executed a major rebranding and overhaul of its marketing and public relations strategies.

It was previously more expensive to execute trades under 100 shares, Howard Silverblatt, senior index analyst of product management at S&P Dow Jones Indices, notes, and Stovall says investors used to want to pay around $40 to $80 for a stock.

Every organization wants to remove barriers when it seeks to execute a new direction or strategic plan.

However, they have not been widely embraced because they can be more complicated to execute than a traditional upfront deal in which an agency or individual advertiser commits to spending a specific amount of money with a TV network or network group.