Guillotine [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Guillotine:

We were talking and we said, we should probably write a finale for this season that could also be a series finale … We really felt like we were making the show with a guillotine above our necks.

Coca-Cola is trying to cut underperforming brands, and even modern ones like Odwalla juice and regional sodas like Delaware Punch are poised to fall prey to the cost-cutting guillotine.

Promotion came speedily when the guillotine cleared the way in the higher ranks by removing the incompetent and unfortunate.

But France had had enough of the Terror, and knew that she could evolve her safety by other means than that of the guillotine.

The question between the Girondist and the Jacobin was, "Who shall lie down on the guillotine?"

The young ladies were all arrested, fourteen in number, and taken in a cart to the guillotine.

Hence the Jacobins had serious cause to fear a reaction, and determined to silence their voices by the slide of the guillotine.

She preferred to die herself rather than to incur the possibility of exposing those who loved her to the guillotine.

The long procession arrived at the guillotine, and the bloody work commenced.

The guillotine has already consigned many of those whom she loved best to the grave.