Lop [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Lop:

Good place to lop about, y' know; a decent place to sit, and a few books and cards and that sort of thing.

The doors and the holes for windows are crooked and lop-sided as they would be in a childish attempt.

The first I knew, Lop-Ear had shrunk away to one side and was crouching low against the bank.

The first morning, after my night's sleep with Lop-Ear, I learned the advantage of the narrow-mouthed caves.

Lop-Ear was a year older than I, but I was several times angrier than he, and in the end he took to his heels.

Lop-Ear and I sit close together, with our arms and legs about each other, blue-faced and with chattering teeth.

Once again Lop-Ear tried to drag the arrow through the flesh, and I angrily stopped him.

But let me tell you how Lop-Ear's gluttony possibly set back our social development many generations.

I saw the arrow leap up, miss Lop-Ear, glance against a limb, and fall back to the ground.

Its teeth were not tied, and the next thing it did was to sink its teeth into Lop-Ear's soft and unprotected stomach.