Truncate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Truncate:

The fourth glume is very narrow, truncate, 3-nerved, paleate.

Abdomen half as long as the thorax, also of irregular and oblique form, with knee-shaped outline and a wide, truncate mouth.

The regular, circular pores are in the campanulate thorax scarcely half as broad as in the truncate, gradually dilated abdomen.

In Catabrosa the glumes are truncate, as if bitten off at the top.

Tree upright, leafy, very productive; leaves large, truncate.

The foot tapers behind to a sharp point, and is truncate in front.

The upper margin of the cephalothorax is not rounded, but truncate.

The truncate, cone-shaped breach has often been of great use to me.

Truncate, with the end as if cut off square; as in Fig. 136.

Branched dichotomously; branches short, incrassated, truncate.