Curtail [verb]

Definition of Curtail:

cut short; abridge

Synonyms of Curtail:

Opposite/Antonyms of Curtail:

Sentence/Example of Curtail:

The first precious boxloads of the frozen elixir arrived in December, bearing great promise for curtailing the pandemic that has paralyzed the region and the world.

Senior House Democrats on Monday night proposed sending $1,400 stimulus payments to Americans with up to $75,000 in annual income, rejecting an earlier plan under consideration to sharply curtail the benefits.

As the exhibition argues for conservation of resources and curtailing the rampant consumption destroying the planet, it does so in the vernacular of excess.

Moreover, efforts to curtail no-excuse early voting have nothing to do with election security.

The District approved hundreds of temporary outdoor dining permits last year that allowed businesses to take advantage of unused sidewalk space, alleys and parking lanes — generating a lifeline as indoor dining was shut down or drastically curtailed.

With the rescheduled Tokyo Games less than six months away, USA Swimming will curtail its Olympic trials event because of continued coronavirus risks, limiting the number of swimmers who can take part.

This comes in stark contrast to much of the rest of the consumer electronics space, in which economic uncertainty curtailed purchasing on non-essentials.

Lobbyists, activists and politicians have curtailed what in usually a sprawling wish-list of bills, in an effort to streamline how the legislature works.

While the platforms have taken measures to curtail the rise of disinformation and extremism by adding warning labels to content and blocking violative words, it’s not enough to support the teams operating accounts on those sites, said Brown.

Lloyd, 38, and Rapinoe, 35, skipped 2020 National Women’s Soccer League activities, which were severely curtailed because of the coronavirus pandemic.