Prolong [verb]

Definition of Prolong:

extend, draw out

Synonyms of Prolong:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prolong:

Sentence/Example of Prolong:

He will prolong your life and loosen every button on your waistcoat.

Can they prolong their own possession, or lengthen his days who enjoys them?

Then which of us can prolong our lives by one day or hour or minute?

And then why—why should we prolong a painful interview, Glory?

It is not to treat him as a friend to prolong this interview.

This will very often prolong the life of the battery a number of months.

Their mission is not rescue, it is only to prolong a struggle, to protract a fate.'

Then came an inspiration; here was a chance to prolong his visit.

His sole purpose was to prolong his stay to the last possible moment.

All the fire-engines in creation can only prolong the time, and increase the sense of burning.